Delivering more than the client bargained for

From the shameless braggin’ department

An agency client recently delivered a satisfying compliment about a video and text story I produced for County Newsbeat. She liked it so much that she emailed high praise to the director of the Office of Strategic and Intergovernmental Affairs at the County of Santa Clara. Here’s the relevant excerpt.

“You missed the first part when we were showing the Newsbeat video.

I received a lot of positive comments on this great addition to this year’s event.

We will also use the video in the orientation sessions for new clients.”

The director was kind enough to forward her email to me and my boss. (Under a contract with the county, Newsbeat does stories about the good things the County does — like help CalWORKs recipients back on their feet — the subject of this video.)
We made the video to help counter negative stereotypes about welfare beneficiaries and county workers. But what makes her compliment even better is that the CalWORKs agency plans to use it in future client orientations! I’m really happy they’re getting more than they bargained for.

If you’re curious, here’s a link to the story:…/calworks-clients…/

CalWORKs clients, partners honored

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