Content Writing

Ever since people began gathering around a lively fire to share a meal, stay warm and ward off the fears and dangers of the night, we have connected with one another through captivating, amusing and enlightening stories. For good or for ill, in modern life we often find that connection in the steady blue haze cast by an electronic screen. A good storyteller is still the best way to get information across in a way that sticks with the audience you care about. Contact me if you’re looking for an experienced writer and storyteller who can make your complex story simple yet accurate and tailor it to your target audience in terms of tone, style and a strong call to action. You focus on making the great product or offering the top-shelf service, and I’ll take care of connecting it to your customers and prospects with professionalism and timeliness.


It’s remarkable how often I see websites that may be promoting the greatest product or service ever but that leaves users bouncing away in a heartbeat. Why? Confusing language, inaccuracies, ill-considered written structure, misspellings, misused words, inconsistent claims and instructions leave potential clients or customers unimpressed. Even the best writers need editors. That’s where I come in. I’ll go over your website and clean up all the glitches. After all, a business that doesn’t get the details right on its website will leave users with doubts about whether the business cares enough to get its products and services right.

Video production

Since leaving the straight news business, I added a huge new skill: video production. You’ve probably heard it before, but here goes: If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth. I’ve now produced dozens of two- and three-minute videos for PRxDigital under a contract with Santa Clara County on a wide variety of subjects. These include everything from a cute one about adopting pets from the animal shelter, a lovely and hopeful one about preserving farmland in pricey Silicon Valley, and sobering pieces on bail reform and domestic violence.  I have strong working relationships with several quality videographers. We’re eager to tell your story.



I can manage your Facebook, Twitter and other social media. You and I will figure out what will work best for your business, and I’ll take it from there while checking in with you from time to time.


Need a message to go out to employees, customers or others in your name? Leave the heavy lifting to me.


Let’s get started …

I urge you to look at my portfolio and posts to get an idea of my range and experience.  Then get in touch with me here for a quote on your project or to discuss it.



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