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Why should you hire me, a career-long journalist, to tell your story?

The simple answer: I know how to gather facts and write clear, accurate and engaging stories under deadline pressure. Like everyone in my tribe, I'm naturally curious, passionate and unafraid to interview anyone. I'm used to working alone and in groupsĀ  of writers, editors, designers, artists, photographers and videographers to make the best possible package.

Yes, but aren't journalists apt to find the adjustment to content marketing difficult?

There is an adjustment, for sure, but I've been through it and landed happily on my feet since leaving the newspaper business in 2016.

It's true that journalism demands a fiercely maintained independence. A journalist usually recoils at the thought of sharing our stories with the people we've written about before publication, lest they pressure them into shading or slanting the piece. And journalists instinctively want to get "all sides."

But is that all bad? Truth is, customers, clients and constituents are smart, and that's why journalistic values of fairness, accuracy and integrity serve the interest of business success.

That doesn't mean a client of mine doesn't deserve to have their company or product portrayed in the best possible light. So that's what I do. While a journalist isn't necessarily concerned with revealing sensitive matters, I know a content marketer must be.It's a different role. Yet, readers or viewers of the content don't want to feel insulted by the sense that a company or organization is trying to gloss over a well-known concern in their marketing efforts.

So often I would counsel that the matter be carefully acknowledged and skillfully countered. That leads to credibility, and credibility is everything in terms of establishing a strong connection with customers, clients and constituents.

In the end, however, I know the client is the boss, and a content writer worth having around will keep that in mind.

What's it like to work with Chuck Writes and Edits?

Again, I'm a curious person who knows how to work independently as well as on a team. They don't call newspapers "the daily miracle" for no good reason. There's a lot to do in a short span of time, and everyone must be pulling in the same direction. I'm a master at anticipating problems and tracking down solutions before disaster strikes. And I do it all with a cool head, a flexible attitude and a friendly collegiality.

Please give me call or email me if you think we can work together. Check out my portfolio to get a sense of my work scope.

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